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Currently Available Animals

Ringtail Lemur

Lemur cata

Ringtail Lemurs are fun, exciting and super charismatic pets. They are well known for their interesting and adorable skip like walk across the ground and their patented 'sun worshiping' behavior. Lemurs are not monkeys, though they are often mistaken for primates. They are an ancient group of 'pre-primates' called prosimians. These animals are extremely high maintenance animals and are NOT for the average household or family. They require a large outdoor enclosure that can be winterized for cold temperatures or an indoor enclosure for cooler months. Their diet consists primarily of leafy greens and a staple diet of a nutritionally balanced biscuit with the occasional fruit treat. Encouraging foraging is important to ensure your pet doesn't get bored when you're not around. They have unique behaviors and must be handled appropriately to mitigate aggressive behavior when they reach sexual maturity. 

Please see our available animal gallery for info on available babies or info on placing a deposit on an upcoming litter. 

Care Sheet
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