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South American Coatimundi

Nasua nasua

Coatis are the most fun and playful exotics we own. They are very attentive to their owners. We like to think of them as the class clown. They are omnivores from Central and South America, whose diet consists of a high quality puppy chow, cooked poultry and fresh fruits. They are heavy bodied animals that remind us of a cat, dog and monkey all mixed into one fluffy and fun critter! They are diurnal meaning they are awake during the day and sleep at night, usually in a nest box or hammock, although it's not unusual for them to want to sleep with their owners. It is key to get your coati at a young age and bottle feed them.

At Coastal Exotics we raise two subspecies of coati, the mountain coati or ringtail coati and the red coati. Both have very similar personalities.

Please see our available animal gallery for info on available babies or info on placing a deposit on an upcoming litter. 

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